Berlin Pride: More politics than partying

Patricia is standing with her husband at a traffic light in central Berlin. All of a sudden, a man next them says: “You should be shot — you shouldn’t be alive.” Patricia can’t believe her ears. She thinks she must have misheard, so she asks him to repeat himself. He does: “You should be shot.” Patricia […]

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Homeless Man Handed Out Resumes On Road. Viral Tweet Leads To Job Offers

A homeless man, who stood on a roadside handing out resumes, has been flooded with job offers after a tweet about him went viral. Dressed in a nice shirt, pants and tie, web developer David Casarez stood on the street with a handwritten placard that read “HOMELESS, HUNGRY 4 SUCCESS. TAKE A RESUME.” Little did […]

Escaped White Kangaroo Leads Police On Chase, Jumps Into Pool

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Bangladesh Photographer Sacked Over Viral Kiss Photo


Treating a cellphone addiction: Can we crowdsource more solutions?

A few weeks ago I wrote an article in the Toronto Star on reducing cellphone addiction. I shared how I was addicted to this tiny little rectangle glued to my leg and a few ways I’m combating the disease. Well, that article ended up getting more responses than any article I have written for The […]

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